1. Born For Bliss
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Vaselyne
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Remco Helbers
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  4. KIKAI
    Bobenheim Roxheim, Germany
  5. Baumbach
  6. Grauglanz
    Essen, Germany
  7. Medication Club
    Kristiansund, Norway
  8. Frank Weyzig
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. 2fel
    NRW, Germany
  10. Stargazing Project
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  11. White Rose Transmission (line-up 2009-2013)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands


Turmoil Music Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 2011, TURMOIL MUSIC, first based on a network platform for indie and alternative music, has now evolved into an independent music label, from artists for artists. Music is our language of communication. TURMOIL MUSIC is not about profit or commercial production. TURMOIL MUSIC is where professional, independent artists and musicians with similar views connect over creative ideas. ... more

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